Sister Baby

Applicants for the Sugar Daddy Club’s “Sister Sugar Babies” must be or appear to be sisters, with twins most popular. Under the law of supply and demand, relatively rare sisters (especially twin sisters) are scarce resources in the nurturing market, so “Sister Baby” can charge a higher price.

There is a pair of beautiful sisters who accompany every night. For most men, these can only be sexual fantasies, but for male members of the Sugar Daddy Club, it is a real enjoyment that can be obtained by spending money. In our half century of operation, every time a pair of sisters (especially twins) showed up, they were immediately snapped up by Sugar Daddies.

If your sisters are in a good relationship and won’t be jealous of each other, then you might as well apply for the “sister Baby” in the Sugar Daddy Club. It can help you get financial aid and move up the ladder. When applying, please inform your requirements for Sugar Daddies and the expected amounts from them, and then the Club will match and introduce suitable Sugar Daddies for you.