How to Arrange

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When a Sugar Daddy finds his match, we will notify the Sugar Baby with the Sugar Daddy’s information (background, photo, etc). If she agrees, Sugar Daddy Club will collect the fees (Dating / Fostering fee, airfare, etc.) from the Sugar Daddy and arrange the meeting. After meeting, the compensation will be paid to the Sugar Baby.

Where to Go

Most of our Sugar Daddies are upper class gentlemen in Europe, North America and Australia, so most meeting locations are in these countries.

For the actual date, married Sugar Daddies often choose a hotel, though single Sugar Daddies might meet in their homes (it may even be an old castle:)).

What to Do

For short visits, it’s like having a date with your lover or boyfriend. While your Sugar Daddy will surely want to spend time with you in his home or hotel, the heart of the Sugar Daddy relationship is that he wants to enjoy your company also. Just like any other couple you might go for a walk, see movie, go out for dinner, or do other things that everyone appreciates. Some Sugar Daddies may like it if you dress casually, and others may prefer you to dress nicely for a formal dinner. For those times when he doesn’t have a specific plan  most Sugar Daddies will appreciate your suggestions and inputs on the best ways you can have fun together.

For monthly or longer fostering, it would be like a couple living together. Some Sugar Daddies that are busy with work might not be with you everyday, or only for a few hours at night. At other times, you might go on a romantic holiday together. If your Sugar Daddy is unable to spend all his time with you, please don’t be upset or concerned. Enjoy your time together, and while you are alone take the opportunity to do some study, go to the gym, or come up with an exciting plan for the next time you can be together.