Companionship Baby

“Companionship Baby” is another important type of Sugar Baby in the Sugar Daddy Club. The main job of Companionship Babies is to accompany and support their Sugar Daddy. Companionship Babies have lower requirements for girls’ appearance and may not even require sexual activities, depending on the wishes of the Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby, but requires applicants to be caring.

Generally it is older Sugar Daddies that want to hire Companionship Babies, though there are some young Sugar Daddies, and it’s typically non-sexual. It is unfortunately true that there are many lonely men in our society, and this sense of loneliness often increases as they get older. A friendly face, someone nice to talk to, or friend that you can hold onto while enjoying a movie are things that become increasingly rare in men’s lives as they become more isolated over time. The opportunity for that sort of closeness can be even more important than sex.

Almost anyone can be a Companion, but there are additional opportunities for ladies who have relevant experience, such as sports or relaxation massage, or even registered nurses. This sort of Sugar Baby is especially suitable for young ladies who don’t want to lose their virginity or girls who don’t want physical intimacy, as well as married women and housewives who don’t want to have sex with others.

Among the varieties of Sugar Babies, the Companionship Baby has the least pornographic content or adult activities, and the least psychological pressure. Many Companionship Babies go to their Sugar Daddy’s house at a fixed time every week, and they will openly tell their families that they are doing part-time Senior Care or support counselling.

When applying to be a Companionship Baby, applicants should try their best to provide high-quality photos and videos, and let us know about any specific skills or experience that would help in this role. Please tell us if you have any requirements or restrictions on Sugar Daddy’s you will work with and your expected pay. Once we have your details the Club will match and introduce suitable Sugar Daddies for you.