Sugar Daddy

sugar daddy

The Sugar Daddies registered in our club are from Europe (UK, France, Germany, Italy…), North America (USA, Canada…) and Oceania (Australia, New Zealand…), they can be entrepreneurs, bankers, politicians, lawyers, managers or wealthy retirees. Most of them are Caucasians, with a few Asians (Chinese, Japanese…). They are often well respected gentlemen, known for their generosity. Most of their ages range from 30-60, with an average in the 40s.

The Sugar Daddies are kind, gentle, generous and understanding. Our Sugar babies are not only helped by them financially, but they can also have the benefit of their life experience and social connections.

In the modern, high paced world there are many lonely men that do not have the time or confidence for the normal – often aggressive – dating scene. All over the world there are many professional men that have devoted their time to building a successful career, and have now realized money can’t provide you a good conversation or keep you warm at night. Most our Sugar Daddies are warm, friendly men that are seeking the dream that they did not have the time or money to achieve when they were younger.

These Sugar Daddies come from all around the world. This means you can expect to get many dating opportunities and you can choose the right one among a list of options. We show you the gentleman’s profile with photo before organizing the date, and you are the one to decide if you are interested in meeting the gentleman.

Our system is that we will only arrange a date once YOU have decided that YOU also have an interest in the Sugar Daddy.