Fostering Long-Term Arrangement

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The Fostering Long-Term Arrangement is where the Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby live together under the same roof, like a married couple. In this type of arrangement, both parties invest more money and emotions, and the relationship is more stable. The Fostering Long-Term Arrangement is exclusive, meaning you cannot date others during the arrangement period. It is a more stable romantic relationship, with a higher probability of leading to marriage. It can be a way for women to change their destiny and move up the social ladder.

Fostering Long-Term Arrangements are more suitable for women who need larger financial support, seek long-term stable relationships, or have marital aspirations. Also, living with a boyfriend you like every day and falling asleep in his arms is an enjoyable part of a woman’s life!

Depending on the specific circumstances of the sugar daddy and sugar baby, the details of the Fostering Long-Term Arrangement may vary. When applying for a Fostering Long-Term Arrangement, please inform the club of your requirements and ideas, such as the type of sugar daddy, the expected financial support, separate rooms, class hours, whether video communication with family is needed, and whether it includes intimacy. Based on these preferences, the Club will arrange accordingly.