Tuition & Meeting

Some girls want to find Sugar Daddy to subsidize tuition and living expenses, but they don’t want to live with him. For these girls, our “Tuition & Meeting” is the most suitable.

“Tuition & Meeting” is that Sugar Daddy pays the girls’ tuition for one semester at a time and provides living expenses (pocket money). The girl does not live with Sugar Daddy, but meets regularly.

“Tuition & Meeting” can not only help overseas students, but also local students.

When a girl applies for Sugar Baby, if you choose “Tuition & Meeting”, please tell the Club of your situation and expectations, such as: how much tuition and living expenses (pocket money) need, how many meetings a week, and how long each time (hours during the day, hours overnight, all day…) etc. Then the club will match you with the right Sugar Daddy, and help you discuss with Sugar Daddy to determine all the details.