SM Baby

sm, sugar baby, bdsm

SM is an adult role-playing game, a kind of “sex foreplay”. SM has a history of hundreds of years, across every continent of the world. It has mature game rules and specialized props that allow adults to play carefully and safely, exploring exciting boundaries and finding new depths of pleasure and excitement.

Honesty, trust and integrity are the most important characteristics when doing SM. Because your Sugar Daddy will have control while you are at your most vulnerable, they pay extra attention to your needs and desires. Because Sugar Daddies want to have a long term relationship, they focus on their Sugar Baby’s safety and happiness. This means that Sugar Daddy’s who likes SM is often more polite and considerate than other Sugar Daddies (both in the bedroom, and the rest of the time).

SM Babies has little dependence on ladies’ age or appearance. They are very welcome by a wide variety of Sugar Daddies, and have more chance to get dates.

There are two roles in SM play (Dominant and Submissive). Applicants to be an SM Baby need to choose a role first, and then choose some preferred SM games (Sugar Daddies will play these games when they meet with her). For more details, please refer to: #1 SM Dating.