Sponsorship Relationship

Sponsorship, Sugar daddy, Sugar Baby

This is a lover style relationship, where two adults enjoy each other’s company but still live separately. The Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby date regularly like normal lovers, either meeting at someone’s home or at an agreed rendezvous. It is important to remember that although you may be living alone, your Sugar Daddy will still expect you to be faithful to him. This is not an escort service; your Daddy is literally sponsoring you to be his close, personal friend and lover.

Here are some of the most common examples of this that we have seen:

  • The Sugar Baby is studying at university and Sugar Daddy often comes over to visit her
  • The Sugar Daddy lives at home and the Sugar Baby comes to meet him regularly
  • The Sugar Daddy provides a place for Sugar Baby to live alone, and keeps her as a “secret lover”, visiting her whenever he is able
  • For Sugar Daddies that travel a lot for work, we have also had requests for sponsoring a lover that lives in the city he visits for work