Elderly Companionship

If you want to be taken care of by Sugar Daddy but do not have sex, then our “Elderly Companionship” is for you.

Sugar Daddy using the “Elderly Companionship” service is mainly the elderly and the disabled (and some ordinary people) who are willing to pay money in exchange for long-term companionship and care. Most of these Sugar Daddies have lost their sexual ability and have no sexual requirements for girls. They usually like kind-hearted and gentle women, who don’t have too high requirements for appearance and age.

Our club has such a case: a high paraplegic Sugar Daddy takes care of a blind girl for a long time. Sugar Daddy teaches her computer, and the girl takes care of Sugar Daddy’s life. The girl pushs Sugar Daddy in a wheelchair every day, go shopping, go to the park and beach to sunbathe… Sugar Daddy jokingly calls the girl “my engine”, she jokingly calls him “my guide dog”, they live together like a husband and wife, having fun.

“Elderly Companionship” can live together or live separately. If living together, the time is usually calculated in years. The relationship between the two is relatively stable and long-term, and the maintenance is generally postponed every year. Some old people even made a will, leaving all or part of the inheritance to their Sugar Babies.

“Elderly Companionship” is suitable for caring girls who need stable financial support and do not hate the elderly/disabled.

When a girl applies for “Elderly Companionship”, please tell the Club your situation and expectations, such as: the type of Sugar Daddy you like, like living together or not, the amount you need, etc.