Company Employee

Among the female members registered in our club, there are a large number of highly educated talents. Their greatest advantage is actually their talents, not just their looks. Our “Company Employee” is set up for them.

In Sugar Daddy’s company, these girls are mainly engaged in professional work such as accounting, IT, and marketing, rather than secretaries. In this kind of relationship, girls and Sugar Daddies have a career partnership in addition to their personal affair. As a result, the relationship is more stable.

“Company Employee” means that girls work several days a week in Sugar Daddy’s company, and Sugar Daddy pays her in the form of employee salaries. In this kind of relationship, girls and Sugar Daddies can live together or separate.

Girls in “Company Employee” must have the right to work legally in the country (for example, Australian student visa holders can work 20 hours a week). Sugar Daddy incorporated his Sugar Baby into his company’s employee series and paid her taxes (including Super, etc.). Girls must also submit their real name and tax number to the company.

“Company Employee” is more suitable for girls who need internship opportunities, work experience and prepare to immigrate in the future.

When a girl applies for a Sugar Baby, if you choose “Company Employee”, please tell the Club your situation and expectations, such as: your major, working hours per week, whether you can live together, the amount you expect, etc. .