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> I am very happy to got my date. And I am excited!
In Japan, they don't have sugar daddy dating like this. Maybe only one day or one night. This is very unique and interesting!
So I am so glad to got this opportunity.
Hope to continue to get some dates sometime in the future.


> I have married the man that has my heart and loving every minute of it!!! I've got everything that a woman could want!!

> A friend told me about this web site she said she met a great person who showed her the world in a different way. And Iím looking for the same, so I come here. Now I have met my match ... Good luck to all of you!

> ...Men my age are too immature. My current arrangement is wonderful. Unlike other cash strapped students, I am pampered with expensive gifts. My Sugar Daddy is the sweetest man I know. He is my mentor, my benefactor and my lover.



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