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Our Australian and New Zealand dating remuneration are in Australian dollars.

Our European dating remuneration are in Euros.

Our dating remuneration for all other areas are in US dollars.

Sugar Babies often receive more than the remuneration listed above. Gifts from a Sugar Daddy, in addition to the remuneration, such as cash, jewels and designer clothing are commonplace. Some Sugar Daddies even provide an allowance to their favorite Sugar Baby to cover study and living expenses.


> Remuneration List

Lover Dating

SM (Mistress) Dating


A$//$1,200/1st day (A$//$900/add. day)

A$//$2,500/1st 3 days (A$//$900/add. day)

A$//$4,200/1st week (A$//$3,600/add. week)

A$//$11,000/1st month (A$//$10,000/add. month)

SM (Slave) Dating

A$//$1,800/1st day (A$//$1,300/add. day)

A$//$3,800/1st 3 days (A$//$1,300/add. day)

A$//$6,500/1st week (A$//$5,500/add. week)

A$//$18,000/1st month (A$//$15,000/add. month)

Celebrity Dating



>  When being paid

For short term dates (one month or shorter), the remuneration will be paid on the second working day after your date.
For long term dates, the remuneration will be paid monthly.


> Money Transfer

1, Bank transfer ----------------- 2-5 working days to proceed.

2, If you are in Sydney Australia, you can also choose to pick up cash in our head office.



>>> How It Works




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